Tips for Digital Wellness

Take the Digital Wellness checkup survey for adults! Find out how you're doing with your digital habits.

Take the Digital Wellness survey for adolescents! Find out how you're doing with your digital habits.

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Habit Tracker

Here's a habit tracker free for you to download. Chose  a couple tiny habits to try this week, something to do with your digital wellness. Perhaps you'll turn off notifications for a week, or limit your social media use to certain times of the day, or block out deep focus time on your calendar to work/do schoolwork. You can use many of the ideas on these digital wellness pages on our website! What will you come up with?

I address tiny habits and digital wellness further in my ebook for tweens and teens (adults too!).

Quick Tips to Help You Digitally Declutter!

Looking for some ideas to help you declutter your digital life? Here's a printable you can use and share with others! 

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What Can You Work on This Week?

Still looking for more ideas on how you can practice digital wellness? Here's another printable for you!

Mindfulness with Tech

digital mindfulness

Daily Haloha

digital mindfulness


digital wellness


digital wellness

Freedom App

Block sites and apps on computers and phones

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Forest App

Helping you stay focused and balanced

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Apple Screen Time

Checking in on your screen time

Start with an easy routine...small steps!

Morning: Take 15-30 minutes of unplugged time upon waking up (shower, stretch, eat breakfast).

Afternoon: Take 15-30 minutes of unplugged time during your lunch (turn on "do not disturb", eat outside, talk to friends).

Evening: Take 15-30 minutes of unplugged time in the evening (device free dinner, unplug 30 min before bed)

digital self-care

Avoid the "iPad/laptop hunch", which strains your neck and back.  This means keep the iPad/laptop out of your lap.  Your device should be resting on the desk (relieving your hands of extra pressure).  Ideally, the device is at, or just below your line of sight.  For longer periods of use, use an external keyboard.

digital mindfulness

Arms should be parallel with the desk and your upper leg.  Back should be straight.  Ideally, hands should be using an ergonomic keyboard, keeping your wrists in the most natural/neutral position. Head centered to display.   Feet resting flat on the floor.

digital self-care

Eye strain breaks- 20-20-20 Rule

For every 20 minutes you look at a screen, spend 20 seconds looking 20 feet away.  Stand up and move around while you're doing it.  This helps relax your eye muscles and reduce the strain happening.


Did you know your head weighs as much as a bowling ball?

It's important to practice neck exercises, which will help alleviate tech neck symptoms, improve posture and give you a min break from being online.  Here are a few that are easy to do, anywhere, anytime.  Most important thing to remember, for every 20 minutes you are working on a screen, take a quick exercise break.



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