Digital Wellness Coach and Educator

Mission: To empower tweens, teens and parents with the tools and knowledge to promote digital wellness in their tech filled lives.

As a mom of three teenagers and an educator with 21 years of experience, I intimately understand the challenges that come with raising kids in the digital age. From the first phone and the introduction of social media apps to the world of gaming and the fear of letting them learn from mistakes, I've been through it all. 

I've witnessed the arguments, the monitoring, and the endless negotiations surrounding tech use. The tears, the door slamming, and the famous "But everyone else is doing it!" phrase—we've experienced it too. However, I quickly learned that teens don't respond well to lectures and being told "no."

It can be overwhelming without support.

Let me help you and your family or students figure this all out without arguments or doors slamming!

That's when I discovered the power of two-way conversations and empowering our teens with knowledge, habits, and skills to help them thrive. 

But it's not just about tweens and teens; even I have had my own struggles with digital wellness and balance. I'll admit, I've indulged in binge-watching TV shows, mindlessly scrolling on my phone, and wasting time on my devices. It led me to embark on my own path toward digital wellness, becoming a certified digital wellness educator to change my habits and better understand living with technology in a healthier and more balanced way. 

It all began with a simple step: turning off my notifications, which significantly reduced my anxiety.

Heather B Digital Wellness Educator

Regain your digital balance and live your best life with my expert guidance on digital wellness.

In addition to my professional expertise, there's so much more to me. When I'm not working, you'll find me baking and decorating cakes and cookies, pouring my creativity into edible masterpieces. I have a weakness for romantic comedies and can often be found enjoying my favorite shows with a bowl of popcorn. My three adorable dogs bring immense joy to my life, and I cherish every moment spent playing with them. Being a wife and a mother is the core of who I am, and I love spending quality time with my three amazing teens. We've now lived in three countries and have explored 26!

Beyond my family life, I'm engaged in various activities that reflect my passions and values. I actively help my own teens navigate their digital lives and share my insights through blogging and podcasting. I advocate for important causes close to my heart and have even authored two children's books.

With over 21 years of teaching experience, including 12 years living internationally and 10 years in 1:1 device schools, I've seen firsthand the struggles our children face in this digital era. I've conducted numerous sessions for parents and students in schools, and have co-led webinars with Common Sense Media. Just as we teach math, reading, and history, we must also teach digital wellness. Together, we can make a positive impact on our children's digital lives.



B.A. Child & Adolescent Developmental Psychology

 M.Ed. Teaching & Learning, USA

Digital Wellness Institute Educator

Digital Wellness Institute Ambassador


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