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I am very excited and honored to be the Lead Education Consultant for Sersha. It's an exciting time to work with a company who has a mission and vision to help parents and kids navigate social media safely. I know exciting things are coming for Sersha, and I'm happy to be on the journey with them. Please check out Sersha HERE.

Thrilled to have consulted with DiGi, an innovative app dedicated to promoting healthy digital habits among tweens and teens. Our shared commitment to fostering open conversations and mindful screen time management is paving the way for more balanced digital futures for families. Stay tuned for exciting updates and resources from this exciting app! For now, you can download HERE in the Apple store.

Testimonials: Workbook/Course

"I cannot thank you enough for putting this course together, it is brilliant, it is SO needed and I've been telling everyone about it! I told my child's school, school welfare officer, and friends. Please know that parents and kids absolutely need you and all that you bring via your courses and I am very very grateful to have found you."

Very happy parent!

"I especially appreciate the balanced approach you take, and the proactive tools you provide to help tweens and teens minimize the problems they could run into. All common-sense solutions!"

Justin Patchin, Co-Director of Cyberbullying.org

"A great book! Lots of useful and easy to understand information. A must read for every parent."

Nicole Hohl, parent to one tween and two teens, Singapore

"Heather B has written the conversation opener that families need! The book discusses balanced boundaries to tech, no extremes (yes, gaming is good for you!), on including tech in our modern lives. The prompts and worksheets will help you, as a family, negotiate healthy boundaries, and I love the family charter, not just for kids, but parents too!"

Lisa Stockton, parent to one tween and two teens, Spain

"This book is a must-read! It's interactive, engaging, and leads to fabulous conversations with my teens. I wish I had it when my kids were younger because I could've set so many different boundaries that would've kept us all happy as a family. With things moving too quickly online, this is a one-stop resource every parent needs to be prepared for the years ahead."

Mangla Sachdev, parent to two teens,


Testimonials: Professionals

"Her subject knowledge and passion for her work provided invaluable to the school and the students. She is highly skills in resource and lesson development and brings her subject to life. She has used these skills, both in the classroom and to support others. She is known as an expert in this field and has had the opportunity to speak to the important topic of safety online. I highly recommend her in her endeavours."

Suzanne Murray- Safeguarding and Child Protection Consultant at FairChild Safeguarding Ltd

"Heather is a fantastic advocate in the digital citizenship and digital well-being community. She is part of a select group of Common Sense Ambassadors, a group of educators in Common Sense Education who help spread a culture of digital citizenship and well-being in schools by training teachers, teaching students, and engaging parents and families."

Kelly Mendoza, Vice President

Education Programs at Common Sense Education

"Heather is a multi-talented teacher, writer, mother and friend. With apparent ease, she not only balances these tasks, she excels at them. Heather brings this same balance to her classroom creating an environment that is organized and easily navigable by students of varied abilities. She is a creative and knowledgeable teacher who is consistently innovative with technology integration. Moreover, Heather is easy to collaborate and communicate with. Working with Heather was a pleasure and it is also my pleasure to count her among my friends."

Nikki diNino- International Science Educator IBDP and IBMYP

"Heather is passionate about the digital well-being of youth and focused on using reliable data to inform her practices!"

Justin Patchin

Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Cyberbullying Research Center

"Heather is a hard working, friendly and energetic educator that gives 100% at all times. She goes above and beyond and thrives in leading in the space of digital wellbeing. Heather would be an asset to any school looking for highly experienced and talented educators and leaders."

Craig Kemp

Co-Founder at EduSpark

"As we enter new territories with our children in hybrid worlds of learning online, this book couldn't come at a better time. Heather has mapped out a strategic and manageable plan to tackle wellbeing whilst imparting her knowledge of digital spaces, interspersed with kindness and awareness from the experiences with her own children and as a teacher. Her style is both informative and engaging and it feels like she is there beside you gently guiding you through the book. The book is both a guide and a workbook to use as you navigate the complexities of online presence combined with the awkwardness of teens. Taking the time to connect and work together with your tween or teen through this book will lead to invaluable skills for the future, clearer communication and ultimately better family relationships. The activities, reflection exercises and templates will be invaluable for every parent. I wish I had this as a resource for my sons when they were in high school!"

Nicki Hambleton, Educator, mother of two teen boys, Singapore

Testimonials: Parents

"Heather was my daughter Keira’s teacher (Grade 5) and she is still one of the best teachers Keira had. She is a consummate professional and cares about every child. Keira grew a lot thanks to Heather and loved school every day. She developed a great reading habit and became an explorer. So I strongly recommend her."  

- Martin Hauske Oracle VP for Energy and Water for Japan and Asia Pacific, Parent of former grade 5 student, Singapore

"Ms. Barnard is a excellent teacher- my daughter was in her class for grade 5 and she was a great guide and mentor, ensuring the students were well prepared for the year, the challenges, where they could improve and celebrate their successes. My daughter really responded well to Ms. Barnard's teaching style and took with her many valuable lessons for Middle School and Grade 6."

-Rhiannon, Parent of former grade 5 student, Singapore

"We are greatly appreciative of the care and professionalism Ms. Heather showed when teaching our daughter. Heather is a highly experienced teacher who is focused on student growth and development, and she was able to differentiate learning opportunities to meet the needs and interests of our child. Heather took the time to get to know her and was creative in making learning more engaging and enjoyable for not only our daughter, but all the children in the class. Heather was always approachable, responsive, and willing to communicate with us and kept us informed about our child's progress. I always felt comfortable reaching out to her with any questions and concerns. We highly recommend Heather as a caring, knowledgeable and professional teacher."

-Anita, Parent of former Year 3 student, UAE

"My daughter went through a few years of really disliking certain subjects, especially math. Once she entered Heather's classroom, she would come home telling me, "Ms B made it easy to understand and I even had fund."  She made a huge impact on my daughter's attitude and it came at a pivotal time before middle school."

-Mangla, Parent of former grade 3 student, Singapore


"Thank you. It was very motivating and helpful."

"Thank you for the information, I didn't know how much I needed this!!!!"

"Thank you! I will even use the information to share with my daughter!!!"

"Thank you for this excellent webinar!"

"Thanks, Heather. And thanks Jennifer; Jennifer is the best webinar moderator I've seen - great work folks!"

"Such useful information to apply at home too."

"I agree, we are living in an "always on" culture, so it's important to establish boundaries to promote a healthy digital life."

"This hit on the heartstrings as we don't stop to think about how we are affected by our digital wellness."


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