Workbook & Course

Remember, conversation is key, so I help provide the information and topics to think about, reflect upon, and discuss as a family. I've spent 21 years teaching and 12 years in 1:1 device schools, leading hundreds of students, teachers and parents in finding a balanced approach to screen time. Using my inquiry trained teaching strategies, I put together a workbook and course tailored to your tweens and teens. Whether you choose to have your child complete them alone, or work on them together as a family, everyone will benefit.


Say goodbye to stress and guilt with practical solutions tailored to your family. Have your tween or teen explore our workbook for actionable tips and strategies to create healthier screen time habits. This will even work for parents to do on their own!

Self-Paced Course 

Join our digital wellness course and gain the tools you need to navigate the digital world confidently. From setting boundaries to fostering open communication, we've got you covered. Perfect for tweens & teens to do along, or for families to do together.

*Coming Soon! Parent Courses! 

"Transform screen time worries into informed parenting strategies in just 5 minutes a day"


"Creating a Family Pledge, Step-by-Step"


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