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Your Tween or Teen Need Support Managing Their Screen Time Habits?

"I especially appreciate the balanced approach you take, and the proactive tools you provide to help tweens and teens minimize the problems they could run into. All common-sense solutions!"

Justin Patchin, Co-Director of

Tired of constantly saying "NO!" to your tween or teen's tech use? Struggling to help them develop healthy digital habits without resorting to taking their devices away? Look no further!

Introducing "Digital Wellness for Tweens and Teens," a practical self-guided ebook for tweens and teens to use, featuring introduction strategies and tips for managing screen time and promoting digital well-being. Written by a teacher and mom who has tried, tested, and taught these techniques to previous students in the classroom, this book offers valuable insights and guidance as an overview to supporting your tween and teen in thriving in the digital age.

Discover that tech isn't the enemy as you and your tween/teen learn how to establish a balanced relationship with devices and social media. From reducing device overload to building healthy habits from scratch, this workbook is designed to help your child start developing digital wellness skills that maximize well-being.

Whether your child is seasoned and tech-savvy, or just starting out, this book is their go-to introductory resource to creating healthier, happier, and more balanced screen time habits. With some engaging beginner activities, mindfulness prompts, and expert advice, they'll embark on a journey towards a more mindful digital lifestyle. Get your copy today and join the movement towards digital wellness!

This workbook can be completed alone as an exercise for tweens/teens, or as a family, using it as a conversation starter for moving forward.

*If you're a school and looking for a discounted price for students, please contact me, I'm happy to discuss!


Digital wellness course for tweens and teens!

Calling all tweens and teens! Are you looking for even more help and guidance in this online world? Unlock the power of digital wellness with this engaging and interactive online course, which dives even deeper than my ebook, and provides a lot more resources for you to use. Led by a certified digital wellness educator, this course takes an asynchronous approach to reach more kids in need of habit-changing support.

Forget about fear mongering and digital citizenship lessons. This course focuses on increasing digital wellness, finding balance, and overcoming digital overwhelm in a safe and supportive environment. You  will explore hot topics and gain practical strategies to navigate the digital world with confidence and well-being.

Packed with instructional videos, supporting TED Talks, reflection activities, journal prompts, and additional practice resources, this course offers a comprehensive learning experience. With downloadable PDFs, audio files, transcripts, and exclusive course materials, we ensure accessibility for all learners.

This course can be completed alone by tweens and teens, or as a family wanting to take the journey together!

We'll cover hot topics in the area of digital wellness.


1: What is Digital Wellness? An overview of what digital wellness means and why its important to learn about it NOW, especially for tweens and teens.

2: Creating Focus, Let's Be Productive: Increasing your focus, eliminating distractions an setting yourself up for success. You'll learn strategies and techniques and be given resources to try out in your own life.

3: Mental Health in Our Online World: How to reset, build resilience and understand how to protect your mental health in a world of social media, gaming and notifications. Through various activities, you'll be better equipped to handle your emotions.

4: Create an Environment that Inspires You: Looking into your physical and digital workspaces, addressing your 5 senses and getting rid of digital and physical clutter.

5: Keep Communication and Relationships Real: Understanding terminology, increasing authenticity and being mindful and present, both online and offline. Learn the important vocabulary and consequences for behaviors you might not even be aware of!

6: A Quick Tap into Your Physical Health: Looking at ergonomics and body signals to get up and move! 


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