Screen Time Harmony: 

Proven Strategies for Balanced Tech Use

Empowering Families to Navigate Technology Together

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the ongoing conflicts over screen time in your household?

Are you tired of facing resistance and pushback from your children when it comes to managing screen time?

Are you seeking practical strategies to navigate and improve your family's relationship with digital devices?

Step 1: Parent Guide

Frustrated? Take the first step towards fostering a balanced digital lifestyle with my free parent guide, offering practical tips and strategies to promote healthy screen time habits for your tweens and teens.

Step 2: Create a Family Pledge

Solidify your commitment to media well-being by creating a personalized family pledge (otherwise known as a device contract), using your goals & values for screen time use.

Step 3: A Guided Workbook

Dive deeper into guiding your tween or teen towards responsible digital citizenship & wellness with my guided workbook, using engaging exercises & resources designed to help foster healthy habits.

Step 4: Self Paced Course

Elevate your family's media journey with my self-paced course for tweens and teens, equipping them with skills to navigate social media, online safety, and digital well-being with confidence and resilience.

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Heather Barnard is a certified Digital Wellness Educator

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